Hi Final Year Mechanical Engineering / DME Students

& Job Seeking Mechanical Engineers !!!

I am SNCL4ME (Essential For Mechanical Engineers)

(An Android Mobile APP)

It is very Unfortunate to Accept that we are unemployable though we have spent around 4 plus Lakhs and 4 years to become Engineer.

What we get is Just a PAPER to certify that we are Engineer. It is very painful to feel INFERIOR than a HSC person with 1 or 2 years hands on experience.

So I am here to convert you as a Really Worthy Industry Ready Engineer

Its not just a word – Its our PROMISE

USE ME & Get Empowered




Current EMPLOYMENT Scenario of Engineering Students –



Mind Set of Engineering Students after Graduation –



Mind Set of Engineering Students after 2 Years of Graduation –



Situation of Engineering Colleges –



Mind Set of Parents of Engineering Students-



Attention of Parents of Engineering Students-


If you want to be REALLY EMPLOYABLE in CORE Industry And work HAPPILY, Do the following

 Be AWARE, what Industries are expecting from Engineers (When you expect Salary from Day 1, Industry will also expect you to work and Result for them from Day 1)

 Know about the Employment Scenario in Industries from your SENIOR (College) BATCHES

 Get the Guidance from your SENIORS in INDUSTRIES (Not your College Seniors)

 Since I am also one of your SENIORS from INDUSTRIES having seen the Industries for the 36 YEARS since 1984, I very much worried and tried to do something to My Fellow Juniors and the Engineering Community.

As the OUTCOME of my wish I have JUICED the Industrial Expectation in the form of an ANDROID APP.

I believe its worth about Rs5000. I am ready to give it to the Engineers at free of Cost. But Nowadays, anything available at free of cost is not valued. So I leave the choice of buying to [email protected]

I know its not at all a matter to invest just Rs 2000 since you are afford to invest around Rs 150000 on bike, Rs 100000 on Laptop, Rs 5000 – 50000 to gadgets, Rs 2000 for Weekends, at least Rs 500 for fueling or to Movie or to Restaurants.

It only subject to your AWARENESS and  INTEREST on your Personal Empowerment OR IGNORANCE & NEGLIGENCE due to Over Confidence and Over Smartness. 

If you REALLY CARE @ YOU, do the sequences

Go to Play Store and Search for SNCL4ME


Open the APP

WhatsApp the ID shows on the Licence Page by TEXT MESSAGE to 9943909229

Pay Rs 2000  invest your INTEREST on your GROWTH irrespective of your Financial stage 

PAY Through

Google Pay 9943909229

OR Transfer to AC NO 62143986962, IFSC Code SBIN0010513

Send the Screen Shot of the Payment Proof

GET the LICENSE, Open the APP, Learn what is to be LEARNT before you enter into an Industry for Interview or Job


ENGINEERING COLLEGES Can approach us for the Placement of Their Mechanical Engineering Students in CORE Industries as ENGINEERS

ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES Can approach us for filling their Design/Quality/Production/Process Planning Engineer requirements


Contact : A.KANNAN, 9943909229, 8870127386